About Traditional Coffee

Why choose Traditional Coffee Ltd ?

Who are we ?

We are an independent commercial coffee machine supplier. With over 15 years combined experience in the installation, repair, service of commercial coffee machines and working in the coffee retail market.

What's Different ?

We didn 't want to follow suit, the usual coffee ingredient website, selling every coffee out there offering to " match the price " of any other internet company. 

We are focused on offering a quality, local service, ensuring our customers gain maximum benefit from our services.

Our Machine's

Every machine we supply is selected based on reliability and value for money. Some machines simply aren't up to the job you need them to do and after 12 months they will struggle to perform, our machines will perform, day in, day out.

Our Coffee ?

Freshly roasted coffee to order can not be bettered. Big brand coffees can spend months and months from the time of roasting, sat on pallets, shipping containers, in warehouses before they get near your machine. Our coffee is roasted to order,  7 days from roasting your coffee will be at your door, packed with flavour and bursting with freshness, the taste difference is incredible.

What else can we do ?

If you prefer we can even label your coffee just for you, supply your business logo and we will label your coffee, supply you with your own branded loyalty cards, menus etc. Create your own identity for your coffee, this is quality, freshly ground coffee that will be the best around.





Check out our blog and see how we're working hard to supply great coffee machines throughout the North West

Great to see our new site going live. Looking forward to adding all our current offers that are available.

7th November 2014

Succesfull coffee machine installation over at Swinton Funhouse on Friday, glad to see the Cimbali M1 producing great coffee over the busy weekend.

10th November 2014

Wholebean coffee machines successfully installed at The Royal Oak and The Red Lion.

13th November 2014

Good news to hear the Dog & Partridge in Great Moor has won pub of the year 2014 award, with a little help from one of our Wholebean drinks machines.

13th January 2014


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